Name: Dr Greg Brittles

Position: Senior High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Magnet Engineer / UKRI Future Leaders Fellow.

Affiliation: Tokamak Energy (UK)

Bio: Dr Brittles is a Senior Magnet Engineer at Tokamak Energy, and also holds a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship specialising in the development of REBCO HTS magnets for fusion energy and other applications. He has a masters degree in physics from Durham University (graduating in 2012) and a doctorate in superconducting materials from Oxford University (graduating in 2016). His core expertise is in the design and fabrication of high field HTS coils.


Tokamak Energy Ltd are a UK company developing spherical tokamaks and novel REBCO-HTS magnet technology in the pursuit of commercial fusion energy in the 2030s. This talk will provide an overview of their magnet development programme, including discussion of fabrication, testing, and multiphysics simulation of HTS coils of increasing scale and complexity.

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [EXTENDED]:

25 June 2021

Registration deadline:

01 July 2021


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